PREPARATION of Financial Statement

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Business owners often under estimate the importance of their financial statements. These documents go far beyond simply something they need for filing their corporate taxes. Financial statements help with business decisions and may be required by lending institutions when applying for or continuance of financing arrangements. Other stakeholders, such as investors will also require this information as it provides clarity into how the company is performing.

At Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation, we prepare financial statements for our corporate clients. We work closely with you to understand your business and its needs and then provide valuable business planning services as well as feedback on both present and future requirements. We prepare following statements:

Notice to Reader

This is an unaudited financial statement which is prepared by a Chartered Public Accountant based on information provided by the client. As part of the service, your accountant may provide assistance with bookkeeping as well as posting adjusting entries and prepare and file the tax return. This is sometimes called a Compilation Engagement.Notice to reader financial statements do not have to be prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and are the simplest and cheapest to prepare. We are not required to perform inquiry, analysis or discussion with management nor are we required to verify or audit information provided by our client. Notice to reader financial statements are accepted by the government, many banks and lenders and other users as usable and informative financial information about an entity.