PAYROLL Services

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There are many good reasons that businesses choose to outsource their payroll services. Perhaps you require professional accounting and bookkeeping services to keep track of your staff’s employment information and payroll processing. Perhaps your business has recently expanded and you are hiring employees of the first time and require the assistance of an expert to guide you through the complex payroll regulations. Whatever your reason, Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation can provide the professional and knowledgeable service that you’ve come to expect for your business.

What can you expect from a professional payroll service?

Payroll is much more than writing pay cheques to your employees. In addition to wage calculations, a variety of deductions and taxes must also be calculated and remitted to various government bodies. Other factors to consider involve employee benefits, incentive and pension plans to name a few.

Benefits of outsourcing

While payroll can be processed in-house, there are several advantages to outsourcing your payroll including: