Tax for Corporation

Corporate tax preparation goes beyond simply filing the return. Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation is a full service firm that is able to provide both preparation and filing of our client's corporate tax returns. We are the firm of choice in the Mississauga area for many business owners who are looking for accountants who go the extra mile for them.

The field of corporate accounting is mired in complex legislation. It is important to not only hire a professional who can adequately do the job of preparing your corporate tax return, but also to work with someone who has a deep understanding of the regulations and requirements that are specific to your business.

There are many accountants out there who are quite competent to file your corporate tax return if you provide them with the necessary information. Corporate tax preparation and planning however, takes things several steps further. This service involves being proactive, creative planning aimed at taking advantage of all available grants, credits and deductions and minimizing the amount of tax that your business will ultimately have to pay. It is not what you make, but how much you keep that is important.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss exactly what you are looking for from your accountant.


  • Corporate Tax Return completion – Ensuring that your corporate tax return is accurately completed
  • Corporate structures and re-organizations that help minimize income tax and risk and assist in meeting objectives
  • Preparation of GST/HST returns
  • Preparation of WSIB
  • Registration for GST/HST
  • Preparation of EHT
  • Payroll Source Deductions
  • Audit Help-Assist clients prepare for audits by CRA and deal with the auditor during the audit process. We also help negotiate on your behalf with CRA and when your firm disagrees with the adjustments, the interest and penalties assessed during the audit