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    Personal Tax

    Most people think personal income tax is simple and all that is required is the completion of certain forms (namely the personal tax return).

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    Tax for Corporation

    Corporate tax preparation goes beyond simply filing the return. Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation is a full service firm that is able to provide both preparation and filing of our client's corporate tax returns.

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    Bookkeeping Services

    The best way to ensure that your business financials are in proper order and to avoid audits by CRA is to ensure your company has top notch record keeping.

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    Preperation Of Financial Statement

    Business owners often under estimate the importance of their financial statements. These documents go far beyond simply something they need for filing their corporate taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Individuals have until April 30th to file their taxes if there is no business income earned by husband or wife. Individuals who have business income have until June 15th to file, but tax amounts owing are still due by April 30th. Corporations have 6 months to file, and 3 months to pay if the amount owing is $3000 and there is a perfect compliance record. Estates have 3 months to file and pay in most cases.

A. Refunds are usually issued 2 weeks from e-file date. We e-file after the tax returns are signed. We do not offer cash-back or cash on the spot.

A. For new clients, we like to see the previous year's tax return filed. For existing clients, this is not necessary. For everyone though, we like to see the Notice of Assessment from prior year, this year's slips, and any income and expense summaries you may have prepared or received.

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